Employee Recognition at Trade Ledger

by Matthew Rigley, Talent Acquisition

We’ve recently explored the importance of recognition in the workplace. In this article we look at how Trade Ledger is establishing a recognition rich culture in practice.

Trade Ledger Tokens

The Trade Ledger Token scheme allows all employees on a monthly basis to nominate a peer that they feel has truly gone above and beyond in their role. These are then reviewed by our leadership team and winners are announced at our monthly company town halls. The winners can pick anything from a menu of items including dinner for 2, lunches for a week, Amazon vouchers etc.

We link all nominations for Tokens to our company values, so we can reinforce behaviours that are important to us as a business. These values are:

  1. We think big - example of great innovative ideas, process improvement, “thinking big”

  2. We make a difference - great customer feedback, adding value to Trade Ledger and the wider community

  3. We put our community first - great example of teamwork, and collaboration

  4. We bring out the best in each other - investing their time to develop others, demonstrating great leadership 

  5. We get it done - job excellence, productivity, unsung hero

Recent Trade Ledger Token Winners

September Winner: Jen (EA) and Demi (EA)

Values: We get it done and we put our community first.


“Jen and Demi are truly the unsung heroes - they are both eager to support and help the team wherever they can add value. Jen has picked up additional responsibilities in the people team (i.e onboarding new hires, TL tokens), which has made a smooth transition when Codey left on MAT leave so we can continue to execute on these core people processes. Demi has continued to expand her role, wherever she can continue to add value and keep everyone heading in the right direction. I am continuously impressed by their attitude towards learning, supporting colleagues and committed to making TL a success. We couldn't do HALF the stuff we do, without these two super stars. THANK YOU!”


September Winner: Edward Yao (Product Designer)

Values: We put our community first, We bring out the best in each other, We get it done

“Ed's been a major asset to the Design team ever since he started, but over the last couple of months he's really made an impact. On top of the extensive work and effort he's put in migrating the current Design System over to its new home in Figma, he's also been supporting multiple squads. What he really deserves recognition for though, is his outstanding support that he shows the Design team. He works incredibly hard and refuses to listen to me when I tell him that he doesn't need to work so late everyday. And on top of all this, he always offers to help other team members with their workloads. A true unsung hero!”


September Winner: Rebecca Jones (Head of Global Turnkey Customer Delivery)

Values: We think big, We get it done, We bring out the best in each other, We make a difference, We put our community first

“For stepping up and running with the entire Virgin Money POV delivery as both an account manager and as a customer delivery lead. Over a critical period when we have been struggling with holidays and a difficult sales process, Rebecca has managed to own the entire process of discovery, delivery & stakeholder management for Virgin Money's Invoice Finance platform. She has coordinated the delivery, product and support team incredibly well meaning I have been able to focus solely on the wider relationship and sales process of our Enterprise contract.”



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