Our Approach

Our enterprise LendTech platform isn’t your usual digital solution. Our platform Integrates seamlessly with banking platforms, it is the only global lending platform supporting all types of mid-market lending products on a single instance. Utilising pure SaaS technologies, our single platform is especially designed to overcome any restrictions banks and lenders have with your existing systems.

Our Vision: “Enabling credit for every business”


Our Teams are a passionate bunch! Sydney is our tech hub, with 2 tribes (6 squads) with scaling squads in Poland. We are focused on building out the origination, decisioning and service components as well as our broker portal, with lots more on the roadmap!
We are product lead and Agile with fortnightly sprints and quarterly releases. We encourage our engineers to work full stack and provide real development tools to learn and grow.

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Product & Design

Our product and design teams lead empowered squads with high product autonomy that are tasked with building long-term customer value.

We embrace uncertainty and focus relentlessly on solving customer problems to drive business value. We are experimental by nature and are driven by continuous improvement.

Customer Delivery

We are the bridge between our customer and the rest of the organisation. Our team collaborates with Designers, Product, Sales and Engineering to identify and deliver tangible outcomes for our customers on- time and within budget.

Sales & Go to Market

Coming soon!

People & Culture

We are not HR, we are enablers for all our people to shine!

Our team genuinely partners with our leaders and people to facilitate continuous learning, career growth & performance and facilitates hiring principles focused on diversity, inclusion and belonging.

Be part of our exciting journey helping customers
across the world achieve more!

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