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Trade Ledger is a purpose-driven company! Everyday we help small businesses succeed, so they can thrive, create jobs and contribute to their communities. Small businesses need access to capital, Trade Ledger’s platform makes it easy for Banks and non-bank lenders to lend to SMEs.


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Life at Trade Ledger

We’re a diverse mix of individuals with our own distinct personalities and passions. We’ve done start-ups, scale-ups and very large corporates but we all share a very common trait – we’re all obsessed with adding value to every aspect of what we do.

We’re in hyper-growth mode and we’re constantly looking for the best talent to join us! We turbocharge fintech careers.

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At Trade Ledger we feel that diversity and equality aren’t important because there’s a section in the annual report devoted to them. Diversity and equality matter because we want everyone to bring their whole self to work and be valued for who they are — this is when people can reach their full potential.
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Our Values & Behaviours

Employee Perspectives

Insights to hiring Full Stack Engineers and how we hire "the mythical engineer".
by Steven Tay, Senior Software Development Manager.

The notion of a full-stack engineer unfortunately conjures up an image of a super-engineer. He or she is this mythical developer who is…

Interviewing at Trade Ledger; How to rock your next interview!
by Matthew Rigley, Talent Acquisition Partner.

We invite you to learn about Trade Ledger and consider whether a role is right for you. Discover our interview process and methodology.

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Our Offices

With offices in London & Sydney we build and deliver solutions for our customers across EMEA and APAC. Keep an eye out for our new offices in opening Singapore and Madrid in 2022!


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