Employee Spotlight - September 2021

Meet this month’s Trade Legend, Dorian Bates

Wonder what makes Trade Ledger such a great place to work?  Here we asked our Sydney Software Development Manager just that, along with a whole bunch of other questions:

My role at Trade Ledger is:

I lead a team of talented Engineers as a Software Development Manager.

The reason I joined Trade Ledger is:

The company is growing quickly and there are a lot of opportunities to grow and develop.  I was also really excited to be able to play a key role in making an impact on the journey of developing the emerging fintech technology.

My typical day looks like:

My role is centred around people management.  At Trade Ledger, my day is usually unstructured and working around with people and process to achieve two main goals.  First of all, guiding the development team to reach their potential to be a high performance team.  To help them to focus on the delivery by identifying and removing the obstacles so that the engineers could deliver fit-for-purpose solutions to customers and achieve the company objectives.  In addition, as the people manager, the career development of the engineers is a top priority as well.  Connecting with the engineers regularly and listening to their needs, coaching them to reach their full potential and hitting the high notes of career while contributing to Trade Ledger to make history.

The reason I love working at Trade Ledger is:

Trade Ledger has an open culture.  We all have a voice and we are welcome to make an impact on the business.  This is very fulfilling and satisfying.

The most challenging part of working at Trade ledger is:

Dealing with a lot of ambiguity.  Just as importantly, it's also a very fast paced environment.

When i’m not working I like to:

Before lockdown, archery, bushwalking and travelling.  During lockdown, drawing cartoons and playing board games online with my friends.

Any advice you would give to someone considering joining a start-up / scale-up company?:

I would like to quote the advice from Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, who stated that he/she should not ask what seat if he/she was offered a seat on a rocket ship, just got on without hesitation.  Her career advice is to look for team growth quickly, the companies doing well and a place where you can have a lot of impact (Vargas et al., 2013).  If you ask me, I cannot agree more so I am working for Trade Ledger.

Reference: Vargas, E., Stuart, E. and Kim, S., (2013, March 12) Best Advice Sheryl Sandberg Received: If

Offered a Seat on Rocket Ship, Get On


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