Employee Spotlight - July 2021

Meet this months Trade Legend,  Soumika Chattopadhyay, Customer Delivery

Our Customer Delivery team has the primary responsibility to manage the  implementation of Trade Ledger to our clients.  They are the direct interface between Trade Ledger and our customers.  They are a team that is extremely passionate about driving outstanding outcomes for our customers.  Here we sit down with Soumika and ask why she joined Trade Ledger and how she finds life as a “Trade Legend”.


My role at Trade Ledger is:

I am a Customer Delivery Consultant and I am part of the Customer Delivery team based in London. My job responsibilities involve assisting the Customer Delivery Manager in project delivery activities and coordinating with cross-functional teams.

 The reason I joined Trade Ledger is:

I joined Trade Ledger to gain exposure to Open Banking and grow my career in the project management field. Trade Ledger’s LendTech platform is one of the top SaaS (LaaS) based platform in the FinTech sector which has also provided me the opportunity to gain technical knowledge about SaaS based applications.  

 My typical day looks like:

Connect with the Customer Delivery Manager on a regular basis to plan stakeholder meetings and coordinate activities for the projects. Provide support in capturing new requirements from customers and assistance in daily project delivery tasks.  

The reason I love working at Trade Ledger is:

There is creative freedom in all phases of the product delivery process and there is a strong sense of accountability that nurtures our innate leadership qualities. We may all be from very different backgrounds but we all have a voice and an important role to play in Trade Ledger’s success story. 

The most challenging part of working at Trade ledger is:

The most challenging (and rewarding) part is that Trade Ledger is constantly changing and evolving. Our work culture is constantly adapting to new requirements and gearing up to face our next challenge. In other words, like the projects we work on, Trade Ledger is also Agile. 

When i’m not working I like to:

Try new cuisines from around the world, watch Anime and Netfix. Lockdowns have introduced me to gaming consoles and the world of RPG games. 

Any advice you would give to someone considering joining a start-up / scale-up company?:

Do it! Yes, it will be challenging but the lessons and skills gained throughout this experience will stay with you forever. If you would like to see tangible results of your hard work and witness the impact of your contribution first hand then hop on board.

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